Failure Analysis

We can determine the cause of your failure - metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, structural - which can lead to answers on policy coverage, liability or contributory factors.

Personal Injury

We have experience investigating many types of accidents including:

  • Slip & fall investigations

  • Diving accidents

  • Falls down stairs and from ladders and scaffolds - building code assessments

  • Power tool failures

  • Playground injuries

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

We have extensive experience and specialized training in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents.  We can prepare a 3D computer model of the accident, examine the damaged vehicle including black box analysis, determine seatbelt usage and perform a site examination to document the roadway and identify any deficiencies.

Fire & Explosion

We investigate  the cause and origin of fires and explosions in buildings and vehicles, following NFPA 921 guidelines.

Property Claims

We provide cause assessments, liability investigations and scope of repairs.  We also provide structural engineering services for fire damaged buildings, verify code compliance and can prepare drawings for building permits.