Justin Breg, PhD

Justin Breg

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Email: Justin@caskanette.on.ca

Phone: (519) 489-0518

Justin Breg has his PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo. His research background covers a broad range of topics, including development of new materials for construction, micromechanics of concrete, renovation of historic structures, and building in complex arctic and subarctic territories of Canada.

He received his undergraduate degree in 2011 and achieved his Master’s in 2013.  He has designed buildings in Europe and Africa, as well as North America. He has worked as a framer, and has provided technical oversight for innovative mixes in a concrete plant for building, mining, and transportation infrastructure projects.  He is familiar with a wide range of construction practices. 

In addition to his work in forensic engineering, Justin teaches classes at the University of Waterloo, in the fields of Advanced Structures, Building Science, and Building Construction.