Building Science

We provide expert answers for cause and origin assessments and recommendations for repair/restoration of building enclosures.

Roof leaks - deterioration, ice dams, wind and hail damage, construction defects

Wall leaks and cracking - settlement, frost heave, construction vibration, tornadoes

Foundation damage - improper drainage, settlement, method of repair

Window & door failures and leaks - installation errors, maintenance problems, wear and tear.

Property Condition Assessments

We can conduct property condition assessments for residential, commercial, or industrial properties. These assessments are useful when purchasing or selling a property, or for capital planning purposes.

With years of expertise in forensics and building science, our team is attentive to signs of premature deterioration and understands the maintenance needed to prevent it.

Performance Audits

The Condominium Act requires every new condominium corporation to conduct a Performance Audit within six to ten months following registration. We provide a thorough review of all items covered under Tarion New Home Warranties for new condominium buildings.

Structural Design and Analysis

We provide scope of repairs following:

Construction deficiencies, Water damage, Sewer back-up, Brick failure, Roof failures,Fire damage, Vibration cracking, Settlement, Foundation damage, Building Code violations, Storm damage, Vehicle and Tree Impact damage.

We verify code damage and prepare design drawings for remediation work to buildings - suitable for building permits

Reserve Fund Studies

Our reserve fund study services are accurate, flexible and dependable.

We provide up-to-date cost estimates based on a visual review of the property, available documentation and interviews with superintendents and service contractors. Our studies include market-specific incorporation of inflation, and portfolio-specific incorporation of interest yielding realistic cash flow diagrams.

We will work with your Board to develop a funding plan to suit their budget and long term goals. We also strive to develop financial plans that are dependable so that resources are available when needed.