Burlington Crane

A pier was being constructed off the shore in Burlington Ontario.

To assist with the construction of the pier, a temporary bridge structure was built alongside the pier. The crane was positioned on the trestle structure alongside the new pier. A load of rebar was being lifted from the trestle deck to be placed on the pier. At some point, the crane tipped over landing on the new pier. The crane truck was lifted into the air after pivoting on the extended outriggers. The crane boom struck the far side of the pier and damaged some of the primary support steel. The tip of the boom landed in the water along with the load of rebar.

We arrived on scene during the afternoon after the insured crane tipped over in the morning on the date of loss. We were called to provide emergency services to the site. After meeting with the general contractors and the crane operator, we assessed the stability of the crane as it was positioned on its side. The tip of the boom was exposed to the waves in the water which posed concerns about how stable the crane was.

We designed a temporary support structure that was to be placed under the truck including wood cribbing under the wheels and steel posts that connected to the trestle structure that would prevent the truck from tipping back upright in an uncontrolled manner. The placement of these temporary supports ensured the area was safe to work around for preparation of removal.

We conducted an investigation to determine the cause of the toppling of the crane. We assessed if there was a catastrophic mechanical or structural failure. We assessed the original set up of the crane prior to conducting lift operations. We assessed the cranes’s operation during the lifting of the load. We were also retained to inspect the damaged pier and to recommend the scope of repairs to the pier and any deficiencies in the construction of the pier.