...thanks so much for your help.  It was a pleasure to deal with such a professional.

FYI, you did an excellent job on the stand.  We just finished with [the opposition's] engineer today and comparatively your evidence was by far superior.

....I wanted to let you know that I've noticed a very professional, responsive, and client sensitive demeanor from your firm, and wish to commend you on it.

I have a great deal of respect for you.  On the scene you have a situational awareness which helped me resolve some tough cases.

...so accommodating and able to get out so quickly on such short notice.  I received the report and it is the best report I have ever seen.  It was easy to understand and covered all the areas that I asked you to address.

Thank you as well for your very informative description and analysis of the various documents you were provided.  I was very impressed.

Just wantged to thank you for the great service Friday night.  The client had the results in their hands before midnight, as promised, and they made a point of sending their appreciation.  It is always refreshing to work with someone that understands the urgency of our business.